Latest Grooming Information is providing a map of which trails were last groomed, as detected by a GPS device on the grooming machine. See map image and trail list below -- click on map to expand, and refresh browser/image for updates. Or click here for a more interactive map.

Colors range from blue (just groomed) to orange (2-3 days ago) to yellow (4-7 days ago).

color chart for map

Grooming map

Grooming Schedule

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Normal grooming schedule is Thursday - Monday. No grooming Tuesday and Wednesday. Trails are groomed for both classic and skate skiing unless noted.

Call (509) 238-4025 for State Parks recorded grooming report. Direct questions or concerns about grooming to the volunteer Grooming and Trails Committee at

Thanks to State Parks staff for all they do to keep the Cross-Country Ski Park running smoothly, and to Inland Empire Paper Co. and Idaho Dep't of Lands for making their land available for trails.