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  • Quartz Peak weather station - Records snow depth and temperature near the Quartz Peak Lookout (center of our ski area). Updated hourly.
  • Fitness Fanatics weather station - Temperature, wind speed, and other information at the Fitness Fanatics trailer in the parking lot of Selkirk lodge. Updated about every 5 minutes.
  • National Weather Service forecast - Note that the "current" temperature is based on the Deer Park airport and is sometimes way off. Forecast tends to be pretty close (at least on the same day).
  • Check out the "Conditions 101" page, to learn how to use the information on this web site to forecast the actual ski conditions.

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Recent Reports and Announcements

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 - 8:11am - GeorgeM

There may not be grooming on Wednesday night as the operator has been spending extra hours grooming.  Call Thursday morning for the report.  There should be Thursday night grooming for Friday skiing. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 - 12:29pm - GeorgeM

No grooming today but mix of snow and rain at the Nordic Area.  Snow continues to warm and is very difficult to groom.  Please avoid Eagles Crest until at least Thursday.  The groomer got stuck in the soft snow Saturday night which really damaged the trail.  He tried to do some smoothing Sunday night but as of Monday it is still bad.  Outer trails were well groomed and packed.


Monday, January 15, 2018 - 2:28pm - JenniferH

Zach went up skiing today, and reported a "mixed bag" of conditions (half and half, good and bad):

  • Many of the inner trails (towards Nova Hut and Shadow) were not groomed last night -- the groomer went out to Outer Limits, Upper/Lower Tripps, Tamarama, Moose Meadows, Mica, Linder, and hit just a few of the inner trails.
  • Zach didn't ski in the areas that weren't freshly groomed, but others reported they were icy. (It got below freezing last night, and due to the races yesterday, many of those trails were heavily skied after the last grooming.)
  • Some parts of the trails that were groomed last night had excellent skiing (Zach was skating).
  • Other parts of the trails that were groomed last night had ruts, rough spots, chunky zones, berms, etc. Zach said you needed to stay alert down hills, as you might encounter a questionable area at any moment.
  • Specific hazards Zach enountered: ruts near the bottom of the hill on Outer Limits, and a rough area with a deep depression on Upper Tripps (between the Tamarama junction and Upper/Lower Tripps/Outer Limits junction).
  • Where the sun was hitting, the snow was getting soft. It sure was a beautiful, sunny day!
Sunday, January 14, 2018 - 12:38pm - JenniferH

It stayed above freezing all last night (or close to it, depending on which temperature gauge you checked), and as of noon, is up to at least 35 degrees today. So, the snow is very soft. The grooming was quite a bit smoother than yesterday, with fewer ruts, but watch for berms at trail junctions -- some are quite large and would be treacherous at high speeds. Also take note of overnight temperatures the next few days -- a freeze could make the trail system pretty icy (depending on grooming schedule).

Saturday, January 13, 2018 - 3:34pm - JenniferH

We got a few more inches of wet, heavy, sticky snow last night. This type of snow is very difficult for anyone to groom, as it apparently sticks to everything. And of course our new groomer operator only has 5 days of experience... So... The good news is, on some trails, the classic skiing was quite good, with "zero" skis or pattern-base waxless skis anyway. However, on some trails, there weren't tracks on both sides, or the tracks got swallowed by groomer ruts (the type GeorgeM described a few weeks back, which are caused by snow balling up under the tiller). Reports were that the ski racers found the classic skiing today challenging on their course, especially on Raven's Glide.

Skating would also have been challenging today, because the skate deck was uneven and had a center rut on some trails (again from the snowball buildup under the tiller).

The races tomorrow will be skate (see schedule notes in my previous post from this morning). This most likely means that the trails that are being used for the races will have no classic tracks set. Plan accordingly!

Saturday, January 13, 2018 - 8:15am - JenniferH

Just a quick morning note: Check the grooming page and race schedule if you plan to ski recreationally this weekend! Anything with a "last groomed" date before Jan 11 at 10pm (last big snowfall) should be considered ungroomed.

The races will be using Alpine and Linder (between Art's Alder's and Junction 1) from 8:50 AM to a bit after noon. Additionally, Lodge Pole, Hemlock, and the Shady Way cutoffs will be occupied from 8:50 until noon, and additionally the rest of Shady Way and Raven will both be occupied from 8:50 until about 10:45 AM. Larch, Silver, Wild Moose, Moose Meadows, Abner's, both Tripps, Tamarama, and Outer Limits are effecitvely ungroomed. I don't know when or even if there will be breaks in the races that will allow recreational skiers on the race-occupied trails to get through. They are fun to watch though!

Friday, January 12, 2018 - 3:18pm - JenniferH

The large quantity of snow that fell yesterday was soft and sticky. Many classic skiers were having trouble with ice build-up, and even one skater I talked to said he had iced up when he stopped. But a liberal application of glide wax on pattern-based skis countered that problem pretty well, and the classic skiing was actually pretty good. (We tried our waxable classic skis first, but we were sticking and slipping at the same time with Toko Red or Yellow... we were much happier once we switched to the pattern-based skis.) In a few places, we encountered tracks that went off the side of the road (especially on Quartz)... keep your eyes out down the hills!

Speaking of Quartz, the snow there and on Twin Lakes and a few other trails was pretty soft for skating, and we also had some poling punch-through on the outer edge of the classic tracks -- probably another pass with the groomer would fix that. Other trails, such as Linder, Alpine, Lodge Pole, etc. were much more firm and flat. There were also some trails that had ruts left by the groomer down the middle of the skate deck.

As I mentioned yesterday, tomorrow and Sunday are the JNQ races. From the web site, it looks like the race course will be closed to recreational skiing starting about 8:50 AM both days, and the races will be done by 12:30 Saturday and 1:30 Sunday (I think). Expect a crowded parking lot and lodge, and be ready to help non-competitor visitors with some directions at junctions as they go out to enjoy our trail system.