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Weather - Current and Forecast

  • Quartz Peak weather station - Records snow depth and temperature near the Quartz Peak Lookout (center of our ski area). Updated hourly.
  • Fitness Fanatics weather station - Temperature, wind speed, and other information at the Fitness Fanatics trailer in the parking lot of Selkirk lodge. Updated about every 5 minutes.
  • National Weather Service forecast - Note that the "current" temperature is based on the Deer Park airport and is sometimes way off. Forecast tends to be pretty close (at least on the same day).
  • Check out the "Conditions 101" page, to learn how to use the information on this web site to forecast the actual ski conditions.

Web Cam

View of Learning Area and Brian's Hill from Selkirk Lodge. Refresh browser for most current image.

Note: The date stamp on the web cam image is currently showing the wrong date and time (about 40 days behind, and 11 hours ahead), but it is taking live pictures every few minutes. Hopefully we'll get that fixed soon. Sorry for the confusion!

Web cam at Selkirk Lodge

Recent Reports and Announcements

Saturday, December 16, 2017 - 3:48pm - JenniferH

Since we had several inches of new snow yesterday, and there was some grooming last night with the big groomer, skating conditions were good. Classic was more challenging, though, since there were no tracks set. There were skied-in tracks on a few trails. We have more snow in the forecast -- we need more -- especially on trails like Blue Jay that have a lot of tree cover. We'll also need to be a bit patient with the new groomer operator, and hopefully we'll have some tracks set sometime soon!

Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 11:47am - JenniferH

Zach went up to the mountain today... If you didn't listen to the snow line today, there hasn't been any grooming since Monday. Mica and Linder Roads are still pretty good for skating. The inner trails (from the lodge up towards Shadow) are not so great: icy spots; clumps of snow that had fallen off trees, melted, and refrozen; etc. There are virtually no tracks left for classic skiers, since the grooming since last Saturday has not included tracks (due to equipment issues).

So... If you want to do classic skiing in tracks, I would advise listening to the snow line in the morning before going up. It sounds like they have some groomer parts coming in and may be able to set tracks sometime, but I'm not sure. I would think skate skiing would be better with another pass by the groomer too; meanwhile, Zach advises sticking with Mica and Linder (and possibly Moose Meadows, which he didn't look at?) if you go up skating before the next time the groomer goes out.