Weather - Current and Forecast

  • Quartz Peak weather station - Records snow depth and temperature near the Quartz Peak Lookout (center of our ski area). Updated hourly.
  • Fitness Fanatics weather station - Temperature, wind speed, and other information at the Fitness Fanatics trailer in the parking lot of Selkirk lodge. Updated about every 5 minutes.
  • National Weather Service forecast - Note that the "current" temperature is based on the Deer Park airport and is sometimes way off. Forecast tends to be pretty close (at least on the same day).
  • Check out the new "Conditions 101" page, to learn how to use the information on this web site to forecast the actual ski conditions.

Web Cam

View of Learning Area and Brian's Hill from Selkirk Lodge. Refresh browser for most current image.

Note: As of 10 Nov 2017, the date stamp on the web cam image is showing 2 Oct, but it's a live image... we'll get that fixed soon. Sorry for the confusion!

Web cam at Selkirk Lodge

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